susanne kaiser: Political Masculinity: Why Women’s Rights Are Under Attack

June 29, 2022

Susanne Kaiser

Though the reality of women’s rights varies hugely across the world, by country, by geography, by ethnicity, by socio economic circumstance – in recent decades, more and more women have won rights and spaces like never before: like the right to choose for themselves and to autonomy over their bodies, to have a career, not to have children, to have abortions, to love other women.

On today’s episode we are joined by Susanne Kaiser – author of “Political Masculinity”. She warns that some men feel their masculinity is threatened by these shifts and grieve the loss of male privilege. They share a sense of being entitled to women’s bodies and sex, attention, affection, and recognition. According to Susanne they want to force women back to a subordinate position in the social hierarchy, and make the needs and privileges of men dominant once again by turning masculinity into a political program. Susanne’s work highlights the mysoginistic and sexist views she says are shared by many right-wing extremists, religious fundamentalists and male supremacists coming together in a global backlash against Western democracy.

Feminism is the belief that men and masculinity are just as valuable as women and femininity, and that every individual deserves the freedom to be themselves and to be valued for that.

The fight for control over women’s bodies is a fight against feminism.

Political Masculinity