Pat Mitchell: How to Become a Dangerous Woman

February 26, 2020

Pat Mitchell

Stories reflect what we socially consider good, valuable, and desirable. As we encounter them from a young age, stories inevitably influence our worldviews, values and practices – by providing us with frames of reference and meaning. However, stories also have the power produce and reproduce socially accepted values and expectations, like sexisim and racisim. This is why it’s so important for women in positions of power and privdlge to build platforms, create space and amplify the voices of their less privileged sisters.

On today’s episode, we will be hearing from Pat Mitchell, editorial director of TEDWomen and recent author of “Becoming A Dangerous Woman”. Throughout her career, Pat has focused on using media as a force for social change, with a special emphasis on the representation of women’s voices and stories. On the podcast, she shares why it’s so important to live dangerously and how to embrace risk to change the world.