Melinda Harrison: How To Manage A Career Change

April 6, 2020

Melinda Harrison

So far, more than 3 million Americans have filed for unemployment. That is five times worse than the last time the record was broken, which shows just how suddenly a staggering number of people are losing their jobs or income during the coronavirus pandemic. According to an NPR survey, 18% of households have already reported someone being laid off or having hours reduced because of the coronavirus outbreak with 21 percent of women losing their jobs compared to 16 percent of men.

Losing your job can be scary, overwhelming and extremely challenging during a pandemic, which is why we spoke with Melinda Harrison, a former Olympic Athlete, Executive Coach, and author of “Personal Next: What We Can Learn From Elite Athletes Navigating Career Transition.” On this episode, you will discover how to navigate planned or unplanned career transitions and overcome difficulties at work.