Laura Johnson: Perfection Fatigue

August 13, 2020

Laura Johnson

Perfectionism, the need to look, act and be perceived in an ideal way is on the rise. As many as two in five kids and adolescents are perfectionists. But, perfectionism is not so much about how you behave and more about how you think about yourself.

The beauty industry has traditionally been one of the worst offenders for embellishing reality and selling women idealised and restrictive forms of perfection, underpinned by extreme airbrushing and dubious claims. However, recently, the big trend in beauty has been for hyper realness, with diverse models, bold statements of ’no-airbushing’ and simplified and playful product packaging. One of the main drivers for this is ‘perfection fatigue’, wherein consumers are so accustomed to seeing the conventionally ‘fake’ and perfectly polished beauty ads that the primary response is simply indifference.

On today’s episode, I will be speaking with Laura Johnson, co-founder of Zebedee, a specialist talent agency created to increase the representation of people who have until now been excluded in the media. On this episode, Laura will share why perfection fatigue matters and how companies can adopt a more inclusive and diverse approach to advertising.