Julie Cordua: Fighting Online Child Sexual Abuse

June 26, 2019

Julie Cordua and Ashton Kutcher

Since 2004, reports of child sexual abuse material online have increased by 10,000 percent. This year in the U.S. alone, more than 45 million images and videos of suspected child sexual abuse were reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. To combat this epidemic, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore co-founded Thorn, an organization that builds products, programs, resources, and campaigns to tackle online child sexual abuse. The founders learned about the issue from a documentary that highlighted what was happening to children in Cambodia.

On this week’s podcast, you’ll be hearing from Julie Cordua CEO of Thorn — who recently shared the stage with amazing innovators and changemakers at Ted ‘s The Audacious Project. Thorn has been selected as 1 of 8 projects that will share in $280 million in funding to turn their bold mission into reality.

In this episode, Julie shares how Thorn is working to eliminate online child sex abuse. She will also detail the magnitude of the problem they’re solving — and what organizations and parents can do to tackle this issue.

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