Jodi Geddes: Flexible Work Is The Future – Insights From A New Study

June 17, 2020

Jodi Geddes

Managing a remote workforce is not as simple as telling everyone they can work from home. In fact, companies have been trying this for a long time and failing badly. Jodi Geddes co-founder of Circle In, which helps companies to support working parents, will be joining us on this episode to discuss results from a new online global survey her company undertook. The study finds that COVID-19 has changed people’s demands and expectations of working life.

Now, 97% of men and women want to retain the freedom to work flexibly when COVID-19 restrictions are over. Employees now want to define where they work, when they work and the ability to reduce their working hours, if needed. On this episode, we will unpack these findings and discover what it really takes to manage a remote workforce.