Jada Gomez: Celebrating #BlackJoy with Bustle

September 17, 2019

Jada Gomez

According to research undertaken by the non-profit firm Catalyst, the barriers facing Black women at work include things like more frequent questioning of their credibility and authority; and a lack of institutional support. Black women reported experiencing a “double outsider” status — unlike white women or Black men, who share gender or race in common with most colleagues or managers. Black women report exclusion from informal networks, and conflicted relationships with white women, amongst some of the challenges they face.

What can often make these challenges harder is the stereotypical prototype of Black women and limited range of stories shared in the media. This is why global media company Bustle launched the Black & Thriving package, which provides a platform for Black writers and editors to express the joy, heartwarming nostalgia, and the incredible honor that it is to be Black in America.

In this episode, you will hear from Jada Gomez, Executive Director at Bustle. Jada will share why Bustle is determined to celebrate Black Joy, and how each of us can support this important initiative.