Dr. Dnika Travis: Emotional Tax – A Problem Companies Can No Longer Afford to Ignore

November 5, 2019

Dr. Dnika Travis

In a research study examining the lived experiences of 1,569 professionals, nonprofit consultancy Catalyst found that 60 % of racial and ethnic minorities at work share this experience.
This is known as Emotional Tax or the mental and emotional strain caused by the daily experience of exclusion, discrimination, and bias for racial and ethnic minority employees. Taken together, they impose an Emotional Tax with heavy personal consequences. This Emotional Tax can also harm businesses by preventing employees from being able to thrive at work.

On this episode, you will hear from Dr. Dnika J. Travis, Vice President of Research at Catalyst and recognized researcher, educator, and change leader – especially when it comes to the topic of Emotional Tax. On this episode, she will unpack this important issue and share what each of us can do to tackle it at work.