Danielle Kayembe : Closing the gender gap in innovation

August 25, 2021

When it comes to innovation, current approaches tend to adopt a male lens, by only considering the needs of men, or only engaging men in the design process. Consequently, many products we have today were never designed with women in mind. While there is increased attention on the gender gap in innovation, it isn’t enough. 

What we need is a GENDER-RESPONSIVE APPROACH to innovation, which means going beyond acknowledging and raising awareness of gender gaps, to make sure women’s and men’s concerns and experiences are equally integrated in the design of innovative products or services and that due consideration is given to how gender norms, roles and relations and limit the innovation process and associated benefits.

Joining us on today’s episode is Danielle Kayembe, a female futurist and serial entrepreneur with a focus on projects at the intersection of women, innovation, and impact. Danielle will unpack how to close the gender gap in innovation, and ensure that future innovations don’t leave anyone behind.