Blessing Adesiyan: Shecession – Why The Economic Crisis Is Affecting Women More Than Men

March 10, 2021

Blessing Adesiyan

In the Great Recession, men lost twice as many jobs as women. But from February to May, in the united states 11.5 million women lost their jobs compared with 9 million men because of business closures intended to stop the spread of Covid-19. By the end of April, women’s job losses had erased a decade of employment gains.

In the 2020 recession, job losses are much higher for women. At its peak, women’s unemployment had risen by 2.9 percentage points more than men’s unemployment.

We spoke with Blessing Adesiyan the Founder & CEO of Mother Honestly, a global community for working mothers about the impact of the current shecession. Blessing shares her research that her organization has undertaken to better understand the impact of the economic downturn on working mother and importantly what we can do to tackle this issue.