André Thomas: What Pride Month Means

April 14, 2021

Andre Thomas

Global Pride Day is June 27th  a day chosen for people to be proud of who they love irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender. It is not just a celebration of love and acceptance, it is also a day to recognize how far we have come in celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and how far we still have to go to ensure equality, equity and inclusion of its members. 

In the United States, being homosexual was considered a mental illness in the 1960’s and at the same time in the United Kingdom it was considered a crime to be gay. 

But towards the end of the 60’s with events like the Stonewall riots, the fight against homophobia and the fight for equality prevailed. On today’s episode we will celebrate these achievements and unpack what more we need to do. Joining us is André Thomas, NYC Pride Co-Chair who will detail the theme for this years pride month and the challenges that lie ahead.