Adrienne Lawrence: Beating Workplace Sexual Harassment

May 27, 2020

Adrienne Lawrence

A Pew Research report finds 42% of women in the United States say they have faced discrimination at work because of their gender. This included being treated as less competent, receiving less support from leaders, enduring social isolation, or being denied opportunities to advance. When discrimination shows up at work, leaders may acknowledge it, but they believe these are just one-off events that women need to overcome on their own. This makes it easy to believe that women are the problem, not workplaces.

On this episode, Adrienne Lawrence, author of “Staying in the Game: The Playbook for Beating Workplace Sexual Harassment,” a first-of-its-kind survival guide will share why neither men nor women escape sexual harassment unscathed and why sexual harassment is a key feature of the COVID-19 workplace and what you can do to fix this.