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A weekly podcast that shares stories of people who are innovating and taking action to advance inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

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THE FIX is narrated by Michelle King, a global gender equality expert, who weaves in actionable insights and tips that everyone can apply in their workplace. Each week on the show Michelle interviews entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders, academics and celebrities. In each episode, listeners can discover how to create workplaces that work for everyone and take steps to build a gender equal world.

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Charlie Sull – Is Your Workplace Toxic?

According to the most recent “Women in the Workplace” report from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey, the gap between men and women leaving their jobs is the largest it has been since the report was first published eight years ago.  For every female director who is promoted, two women at the same level of seniority choose to quit. The report states that women are leaving companies that fail to deliver on “the cultural elements of work that are critically important to them.” Culture is our lived experience of work, and for women today,


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