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How to try

Launching 1st September 2023

If you google self-help books on success or overcoming failure, you will find thousands of titles, like Success Habits, 365 Keys to Success, Millionaire Success Habits or Fail Forward, How To Fail, and Failosophy. As a society we are so obsessed with outcomes, which is why there are so many books on success or failure. But knowing what it means to try and more importantly how to try and try again is ultimately what leads to success or failure. 

If you search for books on how to try, you are unlikely to find any. There simply isn’t a lot of information out there on why we give things a go and why we don’t even if we want to. Trying is the first step in learning to do anything new. Knowing how to try, and why we hold ourselves back from trying is the key to understanding why we succeed and fail. But how many of us truly know what it means to try?

Let’s face it, achieving anything in life starts with knowing how to try. That’s why the How To Try with Dr. Michelle King podcast is for everyone. Each season Dr. King interviews new guests to explore how they learnt to try and find fulfillment, meaning and success at work. Each episode unpacks the stories, challenges and triumphs of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities, world leaders and ordinary people who at some point in their career had to choose to try. In listening to this podcast you will learn to master the art of trying as you discover how to give things a go.

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