How Well Do You Know

the Unwritten Rules of Work

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People who know how their workplace works, know how to read the unwritten rules of working life. Specifically, they can:

If you’re not sure how well you know how your workplace works, here is a short quiz to help you assess yourself.

  • Create informal networks among colleagues, access information that can benefit their career, and share opportunities to gain and develop the support necessary for promotion.
  • Cut through the ambiguity of workplace politics and develop an understanding of what an employer truly wants out of its employees.
  • Recognize and value their own unique identity, strengths, interests, culture, and beliefs, as well as discover how to connect across differences and help foster a sense of belonging at work.
  • Know how to find belonging, build networks, manage the informal, and ultimately thrive at work.

Answer each question True or False, choosing the answer that applies to you more often than not.

Please note, the average, the assessment takes less than ten minutes, and you will be able to print or email the results to yourself.

We do not store individual responses, so we won’t be able to send you a copy.

Accuracy depends on honesty. These questions are not about who you want to be, but how you show up today.

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I understand how my workplace works, beyond the formal policies, rules and procedures.
I know why people behave like they do and what is not being said in social interactions.
I understand how to build informal connections at work, beyond an organizational chart
I know how people view me or how they might describe me.
I take action to manage the negative impact my behaviour has on others at work
I understand why decisions are made at work.
I know how to manage my career
I understand how to continually develop my skills to enhance my career prospects
I have a clear definition of career success beyond a list of achievements
I know how to find meaning and fulfilment in my work
I actively try to find ways to help my colleagues at work
I trust the people I work with