How inequality works

Breaking Barriers discussion series

To build workplaces that work for everyone, we need to understand how inequality works at work. That starts by becoming aware of challenges inherent in workplaces that prevent underrepresented individuals from thriving at work.

Barriers represent the most common lived experience of inequality at work – like having your difference devalued at work. This discussion series unpacks the most common barriers at work, across all areas of difference.

It’s on all of us to take action to make our workplaces truly inclusive. Whether you’ve got thoughts, personal stories, or possible actions, let’s start the conversation today.

Get started!

Watch the video explaining how the barrier shows up at work.

Select a conversation card to discuss with a peer or in a group or team setting.

Create a safe and brave space to listen and learn from each other

Use the questions to prompt candid dialogue and share ideas on how to create a more inclusive workplace.

Reflect on actionable advice you can start to apply in your daily life and at work.

Choose a barrier to break:

Overcoming the invisible barriers that hold women back at work

Overcoming the invisible barriers to mens fulfilment at work

Overcoming the isms

Overcoming the Invisible Barriers That Hold Women Back At Work


Overcoming the Invisible Barriers to mens fulfilment at work

Why men need gender equality just as much as women.

Overcoming the isms

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