BH hub

Come together and create the future you want

Success is not a solo sport. Anything becomes possible when peers come together to share experiences, give, and get advice, learn new skills, and cheer each other on. If you want to create a supportive community around your career goals, you can start your own BH Hub.

How BH hubs work

Support network

Whether your BH Hub consists of friends or co-workers, or people you’ve met in our community, you’ll have a safe and collaborative space to explore ways to find meaning at work, build a sense of belonging, and ultimately advance your career.

Virtual or in-person meetings

BH Hubs typically meet once a month, either in person or virtually. Virtual meetings are a great way to connect and expand your network beyond geographical boundaries.


We provide a free library of resources, including expert talks, conversation guides and other learning materials that inspire group discussion and help you learn new skills together.

Explore the BH Hub Resource Library

Get ready for amazing resources to help you connect and go further in your career.