100 actions for sustainability

Raise children to be financially empowered

There is no perfect way to teach kids about money but there are two actions you can take to help develop positive habits.

1. Be open about financial ‘wins’ and mistakes. The more you focus on taking the negative stigma away from money, the more you show that financial conversations are not something to be ashamed of, or to shy away from.

2. Model and celebrate equality wherever possible. Examples include:
•    talking openly about finances being a shared resource
•    discussing opinions about money honestly with one another and with your kids
•    treating members of a minority community financially equal
•    focusing on avoiding gender-based assumptions that kids may pick up on
•    showing kids that both you and your partner contribute to the family – financially and otherwise
•    having equal money rewards or rules for each of your kids

Raise children to be financially empowered
Raise children to be financially empowered